Category: Things to do in Tanzania

Here in Tanzania, the options for activities are endless: mountain climbing, safari adventures, beach lounging, scuba diving, fishing, walking, and exploring are just some of the activities on offer.

In this section, we take you through the various options for going on safari on a variety of budgets, then detail particularly good spots for diving and snorkelling, as well as locations and details about deep-sea and inland fishing in the country.

Our ‘Mountain Climbing’ section has a detailed description of the routes up Mt. Kilimanjaro, as well as trekking information for the less-travelled locations, including the peak of Mt. Meru and longer trips into the Crater Highlands. Boating and canoeing trips, as well as short ballooning safaris, are also covered – some of the many adventures on option during a trip to Tanzania.


At this time, only the Serengeti National Park has a company that operates hot-air balloon safaris. Especially during the months of the Great Migration, this is often the highlight of visitors’ trips to Tanzania. The journey takes a little over an hour and sets off before dawn, flying low over the plains as the sun […]


Mountain Climbing

Tanzania’s numerous parks and reserves offer many Mountain Climbing options for the avid explorer. The most frequent expeditions are obviously to Mountain Kilimanjaro and Mt. Meru, but there are other destinations such as the Crater Highlands. Trekking companies will happily put together an itinerary that suits your preferencesand our ‘things to bring’ section will help […]

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