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Luxury Camping Safaris

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Luxury camping safaris mixes the best of the African bush with an exclusive and luxurious atmosphere. Tented camps are stationary and set up before your arrival, with a group of cooks, tent staff, waiters, drivers, and your guide, all there to make sure you experience the best in service, food, and high-end accommodation. Tents are equipped with running water and electricity, fully furnished in safari chic comfort and style. At night, sundowners around the fire leads to chats about the game viewing and events of the day. Private guides and an entire camp to yourself make luxury camping safaris one of the more romantic safari options on offer in Tanzania — rustic adventure, with no comfort sacrificed.

Reputable luxury safari companies in Tanzania have made a name for themselves over the years, with camps set up around the northern circuit and also in the more remote parts of the country. Cuisine is tailored to meet clients needs, and the service of the camping staff, plus the experience of the drivers and guides, means that the experience has become a popular option over the years. With campfires under the African stars and the best in personalised service, it’s not surprising that luxury tented safaris have become a mainstay of the safari business in Tanzania.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column]

A magnificent bull elephant on the Serengeti at sunset
Special Offer

8 Day Tanzania Wildlife Safari

$ 2,800
Embark on an unforgettable 8-day Tanzania safari adventure, exploring the wildlife-rich Tarangire, Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, and Lake Manyara. Experience thrilling game drives, luxury tented camps, and stunning landscapes in the heart of Africa

Tanzania Photographic Tented Lodge Safari - 14 Day Wildlife Photography Adventure

Join a 14 day Tanzania Photographic Tented Lodge Safari and capture stunning wildlife moments with expert photography guides, while staying in luxurious tented lodges.
A captivating image of two graceful impalas in Serengeti National Park,
Special Offer

Serengeti Mobile Tented Safari: Follow the Great Migration in 10 Days

$ 4,000
Experience the thrill of the Great Migration in Tanzania with a 7-10 day Serengeti Mobile Tented Safari. Stay in mobile tented camps and follow the herds through the breathtaking Serengeti plains.
A stunning and vivid photograph capturing the graceful and powerful serval cat,
Special Offer

Classic Northern Circuit Tanzania Tented Lodge Safari

$ 3,200
Experience an unforgettable 9 day adventure on our Classic Northern Circuit Tented Lodge Safari, exploring Tanzania's renowned national parks and marveling at diverse wildlife, all while enjoying the comfort of mid-range tented lodges.
A mesmerizing image of two zebras in Serengeti National Park
Special Offer

6 Days Tanzania Acacia Luxury Safari

$ 2,400
Embark on a remarkable Tanzania wildlife safari. Explore Tarangire, Serengeti, Ngorongoro, and Lake Manyara. Witness incredible wildlife, including elephants and lions, and experience diverse landscapes on this unforgettable adventure
Two massive hippos bask in the sun in the midst of an African river.
Special Offer

5 Days Tanzania Acacia Luxury Safari

$ 1,950
Embark on a thrilling 5-day Tanzania wildlife safari, visiting Tarangire, Serengeti, and Ngorongoro. Discover abundant wildlife, stunning landscapes, and create unforgettable memories.
A heartwarming and vivid photograph of a close-knit elephant family, featuring a protective mother, her loving mate, and their adorable baby elephant, gently touching trunks in a tender moment of connection amidst the sprawling African savanna.
Special Offer

4 Days Tanzania Acacia Luxury Safari

$ 1,500
Embark on a captivating 4-day Tanzania safari, exploring the diverse landscapes and wildlife of Tarangire, Serengeti, Ngorongoro, and Manyara National Parks. Enjoy comfortable accommodations, expert-guided game drives, and an unforgettable African adventure.
Tarangire, Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater
Special Offer

Tanzania Luxury Safari 4 Days to Tarangire, Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater

$ 1,950
Tanzania Luxury Safari 4 Days visiting the Northern Tanzania Safari Circuit to Tarangire National Park, Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Crater using Luxury Lodges and Luxury Camps such as Maramboi Tented Camp Tarangire, Kubu Kubu Tented Lodge Serengeti and Ngorongoro Serena Lodge
hippo pool in serengeti
Special Offer


$ 3,050
7 DAYS TANZANIA MIGRATION SAFARI using Tented Lodges and Luxury Lodges during Safari TO TARANGIRE National Park, SERENGETI National Park and NGORONGORO CRATER
tarangire national park
Special Offer


$ 2,400
6 Days TANZANIA SAFARI using Luxury Camping accommodation visiting Lake Manyara National Park, Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Crater and Tarangire National Park.
elephant Tanzania Lodge Safari
Special Offer


$ 3,250
6 Days Tanzania Safari including luxury accommodation such as Maramboi Tented Lodge in Tarangire, Ole Serai Tented Lodge in Serengeti Park and Lions Paw Lodge on the Ngorongoro Crater Rim, Airport Transfers as well as the hotel in Arusha, is included.
Tanzania Tented Camp Safari
Special Offer


$ 1,750
4 Days Tanzania Tented Camp Safari visiting Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater, staying at Tented Camps in Serengeti such as Kati Kati Tented Lodge and Rhino Lodge on the Ngorongoro Crater Rim, airport transfers also the hotel in Arusha is included


Lodge Safaris

For visitors who want the amenities of home and the adventure of a safari experience, lodge safaris are a popular choice, and make up the majority of safaris to Tanzania. Lodges offer traditional hotel-style rooms in a comfortable and controlled environment, and allow hesitant visitors to feel secure during their stay in and around game parks and nature reserves. All of the national parks and most of the game reserves have numerous lodges based in and around their boundaries for visitors to choose from, and the variety caters for every budget and taste. Options include everything on the spectrum, from high-end luxury lodges — tree house rooms high in the forest canopies, highland cottages with feather beds and fireplaces, all-natural beach bungalows on hidden island retreats — to more lower-budget options like fully furnished safari tents, equipped with hot showers, comfortable beds, and a breathtaking view.


When staying at lodges at either Wildlife lodges, Sopa Lodges or Serena Lodges, all meals and services are provided for guests by the lodge property, and extra additions to the safari can be arranged. Breakfast and often lunch is served as a buffet, with dinner a more formal, sit-down occasion. Traditional tribal dances, called ngomas, may take place on certain nights, and live music, theme nights, or other entertainment is often provided during the week. During the morning and afternoons, visitors set off on game drives with their safari guide and driver, returning for tea, drinks, and dinner when the sun begins to set. Extras such as hot-air ballooning, night game drives, nature walks, sunset drinks, and other activities are also on offer at various properties.

All in all, the lodge safari experience is a comfortable and accessible way to see the various game parks and nature reserves of Tanzania. Every budget and taste is accounted for. All over Tanzania, from the Serengeti to the remote stretches of southern coastline, lodges await to welcome visitors from around the world.




kilimanjaro tent

Budget Tanzania Camping Safaris

Budget Tanzania camping safaris are among the most popular options for visitors who want to explore Tanzania’s many game parks and conservation areas. The safaris embark on the same circuit of national parks and game reserves as other more expensive companies, and guests get to feel like they’re experiencing an ‘on the ground’ adventure by camping in beautiful locales. Camping safaris are a rewarding experience because visitors feel like they’re ‘roughing it’ and participating in a real African adventure, but still have all the benefits and comforts of safari drivers, guides, and a cook to take care of all their needs.

Camping Safari Tent Tanzania

Tanzania Budget camping safaris were originally organized for hunting fraternity and we have adapted this style of safari to cater for people whose interest is in watching or photographing Africa’s Wildlife, scenery and people.

Bobby Camping Safaris provide the highest level of comfort yet maintain intimate contact with the bush and the sounds of the African night.

Budget Camping in the bush of Tanzania is the quintessential African Safari experience. Just a piece of cloth between you and the African night. A quire of nocturnal birds, insects and distant roaring lions lullabies you to sleep. Sitting around an open camp fire with the southern skies bright over head is the real way of appreciating Africa’s magic. There are campsites everywhere and camping facilitates in all our safari itineraries, to any park or wilderness area in Tanzania.

Tanzania Camping siteSafari Tents used by Bobby Tours And Safaris

Budget Camping is not only the best way of getting close to Africa, but it could also be the cheapest way to visit the great national parks of East Africa. Joining a budget tanzania safari is a great experience by itself!

These safaris are suitable for any person who enjoys camping and or outdoor activities. Itineraries are of a superb standard and visit all national parks and areas of interest. We use good quality 4×4 land rovers and land cruisers with viewing roof hatches, equipment is carried by a trailer (if number of participating clients requires). Our Safari driver/guides have good knowledge of conservation issues, fauna and flora. Camping trips are accompanied by a Safari cook who prepares 3 delicious meals daily. Camp assistants may be available on certain safaris according to the number of participating clients.

Accommodation is mostly in modern, large three-person tents with a sewn-in ground sheet, with a comfortable foam mattress spread on the ground sheet (clients bring their own sleeping bags or we can provide the clients with sleeping bags).

The campsites are public national parks campsites, which have flush toilets and hot showers. They have a “clubhouse” where you dine, and sometimes there is evening entertainment.

Camping Site at Ngorongoro Crater Rim

For a Camping Safari please bring with you:

  • Sleeping Bags
  • Headlight flash torch
  • Binoculars
  • Sun Tan Lotion or Cream
  • Sun Glasses
  • Cap / Hat
  • Warm clothes

Being a relatively tasty product in the Tanzania tourism circuit, Budget Camping Safari is the ideal way to rough it up with a guarantee of enjoying what goes with the other luxuries options.

This type of Safari always goes with Four-wheel drive safari vehicle that pulls a trailer (depending on the number of participants) which contains all the Camping gear.

It is a comfortable vehicle, well adapted to the Tanzanian roads leading to various parks. It has the power to pull with ease the attached trailer, thus arriving at every destination within the required time.

Upon arrival at a Public Campsite, our experienced staffs normally spend some moments pitching the tents. This paves way for the cook to start preparing the next meal. With the presence of the public Washroom facilities, the client get the opportunity to take a shower, change their dressing,, thus freshen up and get ready for the evening.

Come supper, and it’s served in the open: you enjoy the evening breeze as you marvel at the beauty of the open star-lit skies.

We provide small tents for accommodation where by some mattresses are spread on the sewn-in ground sheet. The tents are spacious enough for two people.

They have a mesh on each window that keeps off any insects. With the application of some insecticide an hour before you go in for your sleep, you are assured that not even a single bug will be a bother during your soft night sleep.

In short, budget Camping goes with all sorts of terminology, However Adventure is the name associated with this style of doing Safaris. Coming close to Nature is the sense so achieved. It is fascinating. It is awe-inspiring. It is moving.

Practically, below are all components involved in our Camping safaris:

Safari Transport:

  • Safari 4×4 vehicle with pop-up roof is used for the safari. The cook does join the clients in the some vehicles.
  • In some cases, A trailer is provided to carry all camping equipment and foodstuffs.

Camping Safari Accommodation:

• Small two-man tents are used with a sewn-in ground sheets.
• A two – inch mattress spread on the ground sheet
• The clients always bring their own sleeping bags, if they don’t have a sleeping bag, then Bobby Tours would provide them.

Safari Meals:

• Three meals a day prepared by a safari special cook.
• These meals are served in a small Mess Tent equipped with a dinning table and folding stools.

Special Note on Campsite used in Budget Camping Safaris:

Bobby Tours always uses the existing public Campsites managed by Tanzania National Parks Authority. These Campsites have basic sanitary facilities including a washroom and a toilet with a reasonable hygienic standard.