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Chemka Hot Spring

Nestled deep in the heart of Tanzania’s lush countryside lies a hidden gem, a natural wonder that captivates the senses and warms the soul. It’s a place where time stands still, and worries melt away in the soothing embrace of the warm, crystal-clear waters. Welcome to Chemka Hot Spring (kikuletwa hot spring).

Here, surrounded by towering palm trees and the gentle rustle of the leaves, you’ll find a peaceful sanctuary that beckons you to unwind, relax, and rejuvenate. The vivid turquoise water of the hot spring is a visual feast for the eyes, while the tranquil ambiance and gentle bubbling of the water create a calming soundtrack for your mind.

As you sink into the warm embrace of the water, you’ll feel your muscles start to loosen, and your worries slip away. The healing properties of the spring will envelop you, washing away the stresses of everyday life and leaving you feeling refreshed and renewed.

But Chemka Hot Spring isn’t just a place to escape from the world – it’s a place to connect with nature and experience the true beauty of Tanzania. Surrounded by the stunning landscape, you’ll feel a deep connection to the earth and the natural world, reminding you of the beauty and magic that exists all around us.

So come, take a dip, and let the magic of Chemka Hot Spring transport you to a place of pure relaxation, rejuvenation, and peace.

This is a full-day itinerary for Chemka hot Spring.

68km From Arusha Town.

2:30hrs from Arusha

08:00 AM – Departure from your accommodation in Arusha, heading to Boma via Arusha-Moshi Road.

10:30 PM – Arrive at Chemka hot spring and spend the morning swimming in the crystal-clear water of the natural pool. While enjoying a free foot massage from the fish, eating the dead skin of the foot.

12:30 PM – Take a break from swimming and enjoy your picnic lunch at one of the designed picnic areas near the hot spring. You will be provided with a lunch box or Hamper depending on your selections.

08:00 PM – Continue swimming and relaxing in the hot spring or take a short walk around the area to explore the natural beauty and observe the local flora and fauna.

14:00 PM – depart from Chemka Hot spring and head back to your accommodation in Arusha.