Activities to do in Arusha

bobby tours chemka hot spring

Chemka hot Spring

Nestled deep in the heart of Tanzania’s lush countryside lies a hidden gem, a natural wonder that captivates the senses and warms the soul. It’s a place where time stands still, and worries melt away in the soothing embrace of the warm, crystal-clear waters. Welcome to Chemka Hot Spring (kikuletwa hot spring).

adventure in arusha - meru water fall

Meru Waterfall hiking

Meru Waterfall is a true natural wonder, nestled deep within the lush rainforest of Meru National Park. The sound of the cascading water is a soothing symphony, and the cool mist that rises from the pool beneath the falls is a refreshing escape from the Tanzania heat. The surrounding scenery is a vibrant green paradise, teeming with life and serenity. It’s a truly heart-warming experience to witness the beauty of Meru Waterfall, and it’s no wonder that so many visitors find themselves enchanted by its magic.

hunting with Hadzabe tribe in Tanzania

Hunting with the Hadzabe & Dotoga

Hunting with the Hadzabe tribe in Lake Eyasi is a truly unforgettable experience. Using traditional methods such as bows and arrows, the Hadzabe demonstrate their remarkable hunting skills as they track small game through the dense forests. Not only do you get to witness their hunting techniques, but you also get to learn about their unique way of life and immerse yourself in their culture.

materuni water fall - moshi kilimanjaro

Materuni Waterfall & Coffee tour

Materuni Waterfall is a breathtaking sight to behold, cascading down from a height of 80 meters surrounded by lush greenery and magnificent views of the surrounding landscape. The waterfall is fed by the Kilimanjaro glaciers and creates a refreshing natural swimming pool for visitors to enjoy. Our website offers a Tour guide to help you plan your trip to Materuni Waterfall, including directions, tour options, and helpful tips to make the most of your experience.